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Primary research

My primary research stream develops the idea that perceptual consciousness has a syntactic or grammatical structure akin to the compositional rules for language, maps, and diagrams.  I appeal to the grammar of consciousness to defend novel positions in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, such as Phenomenal Schematics, the claim the phenomenal characters of our perceptual experiences have a systematic, compositional, and geometric structure that constrains what those experiences can represent.  While my published work is largely a priori, my current research appeals to empirical work in the cognitive neuroscience of perception and computational models of high-level vision.  

Secondary research

I maintain secondary interests in moral psychology, the philosophy of disability, medical ethics, and the foundations of logic.  I dabble in Early Modern theories of the mind and their connection to contemporary empirical work. 

Academic history

I graduated as valedictorian from Santa Clara University before obtaining my BPhil from Oxford University and then my PhD from the University of Arizona under Shaun Nichols and Terry Horgan. From 2020-2022 I was a Postdoctoral Fellow with The Puzzle of Imagistic Cognition research project at the University of Antwerp and the University of Salzburg working with Bence Nanay and Christopher Gauker.  I am currently a VISTA Postdoctoral Researcher at York University working with Jacob Beck, Kevin Lande, and Niko Troje.


In my free time I enjoy running and rock climbing.  When I can get access to a shop, I do wood working, sometimes it even goes well.  

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